America Is Dead!    

A strange virus causes the recently dead to rise with an insatiable desire to devour the living. The epidemic is worldwide and quickly rises to catastrophic proportions as civilization collapses under the burden of a horror unmatched in human history.

The survivors at a rescue center must work together to find a way to make it through the waking nightmare, but time is running out and there's more to worry about than the reanimated corpses filling the streets and parking lots of our cities.

Reign of the Dead is an apocalyptic story of survival and heroics in the face of mankind's greatest Challenge.


The Reign of the Dead Series By Len Barnhart

Originally published in 2001. Available through Severed Press
A strange virus causes the recently dead to rise with an insatiable desire to eat the living.
The survivors at a rescue center must work together to find a way to make it through the waking nightmare, but time...Buy Now
Originally published in 2003. Now available through Severed Press
Mankind is an endangered species.
The dead walk and the living search for a refuge.
Strap on your weapons and reinforce your means of travel. In Reign of the Dead the apocalypse had just...Buy Now
Originally published in 2008. Now available through Severed Press
New York City is home to eight million people. Overnight most of them will be dead or something far worse
Reign of the Dead: Outbreak is the long-awaited prequel to Reign of the Dead and Apocalypse End.
buy now!

News and Updates 

News and Updates 

                   Max Brooks talks Reign of the Dead
  Stew's Brews Coffeehouse
34 South Brady Street of DuBois, PA 15801
October 18th and 19th.
Great coffeehouse, good music, good people... Stop by and join me and Dawn of the Dead's 'Lenny Lies the weekend after The Walking Dead returns for season 4!
  Lucky Star Lounge: Front Royal, Va.
Halloween party at the Lucky Star Lounge (Oct 26th).  Starts off with a big "Zombie Walk" Doors open immediately following the walk...probably around 8. The Shockers will be playing.

This is my favorite drinking hole and I was reluctant to do a signing here. I mean, after all, I know most people who frequent the establishment. It's a little like selling and signing books at  a family reunion. But I love the owners and who might go over well. So if you're from my hometown, love zombies and want a book, stop by my table. I think I'll be meeting-n-greeting from 8-9PM
  El Reino de los Zombis
I finally received my author copies of "Reign of the dead" and "Apocalypse End" in Spanish released by Eclipse Publishing in Spain. They also publish other genres through Solaris and Ventana Abierta. It seems the series is called: "Kingdom of the Zombies" in Spanish. I have to say the quality of the books is excellent. I just don't know what to do with them. I guess I'll put a couple on a shelf and look at them until I learn to read Spanish fluently. You can order the books in the Spanish language below or from anywhere selling books online or in bookstores where Spanish is the primary language.



Authorities Have Issued A Civil Danger Warning...The Bodies Of The Recently Dead Are Returning To Life And Attacking The Living...Citizens are advised to stay In their Homes Until This Emergency Has Passed.

Authorities have issued a civil danger warning!
It seems impossible and yet it is happening - and it's worldwide!
The bodies of the recently dead are returning to life and attacking the living. Stay in your homes. Do not attempt to approach deceased family or friends. All dead bodies must be handed over to specially equipped members of the National Guard for disposal. If you are bitten or attacked you must proceed immediately to local law enforcement or report to shelters set up to deal with this emergency.
I repeat...this is a civil danger warning. Stay in your homes. Do not attempt to approach deceased family or friends. All dead bodies must be handed over to specially equipped members of the National Guard for disposal. If you are attacked...
  New York City...a bad place to be during a zombie apocalypse.
Reign of the Dead: Outbreak is now available through Severed Press!
 The book has been in limbo for several years and we are very happy to have finally freed it up to make it available to you at an affordable price in both paperback and Kindle. This is a revised, reloaded edition.
Reign of the Dead: Outbreak, was originally written around 2005 and was available on a limited basis for a while. It is a prequel to both Reign of the Dead, and Apocalypse End. It will be followed by the final installment in the series, (Tribulation).
  What was first...the zombie or the bite?
I've been called the 'Granddaddy' of zombie literature. I guess I am getting up there in years, but I certainly don't feel my age. At least not until the younger readers decide to leave a review or post somewhere that 'Reign of the Dead' was similar to someone else's zombie book. "So-n-so did this first," or "he copied this from that guy."
Truth is...Reign of the Dead was released in 2001 (first cover shown), and I actually started writing it around 1996. At that time there were no other zombie books except for maybe 'Wetwork' by Phillip Nutman. I've never read that one but I hear it's pretty good. The fact that there were no other books of this genre was the main reason I decided to write about zombies. No others, equaled no competition. I guess what I'm trying to say is...their books are similar to mine.
Certainly, there are now a lot of books, movies, TV shows and comic books all about the Living Dead. But that's cool can never have too much zombie stuff. Obviously we all have George Romero to thank for un-boarding the door and letting the Living Dead into our imaginations.
  The final installment to the series
Sarah, Chuck, Duane and the others find their journey from New York to Virginia a dangerous one. Martial Law, death camps, a population out of control and more walking corpses than you can shake a machete at roam the countryside.
When our fleeing group encounter a biker gang, their ability to fight the undead improves, but their trip is a long one and the club is prone to take unnecessary chances to further their own goals.
Reign of the Dead: Tribulation is the last book in the groundbreaking series and promises to be the most action packed of the four.
Look for it around 2014 in paperback and Kindle
The 'preview' to the trailer for World War Z is out. That's right...a 'preview' for a trailer, and it has some insane action scenes. Almost as crazy as Bradd Pitt's knockout wife, Angelina Jolie, spending her Friday nights at or becoming best friends with Jennifer Aniston. Crazy stuff! If you think the remake of Dawn of the Dead was intense....Check out the new trailer for WWZ
  I am wrapping up the Reign of the Dead series with the final installment, 'Tribulation,' but that doesn't mean I'll stop writing.
In the works...a collaboration. 'The Eighth Day.' an apocalyptic thriller that will keep you guessing.
I won't say too much about it yet, but I will say I am very happy with it. It is my best story to date and is a real page-turner.
The Eighth Day should be available in 2013 and is a huge departure from what I've done in the past in both writing style and subject.
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